Automatic Wi-Fi Smart Cat/Dog Feeder

COLORS Foodi White
Product Details
  • Automatic smart feeding for pets
  • 4 liter large-capacity food tank for long-lasting feeding
  • Customizable meal plans with schedules and up to 10 meals per day, and 10-120 g portion options
  • Desiccant pack slot and hard-to-open safe lid to keep stored food dry and fresh
  • Smooth feeding with the flexible soft silicone food stirrer that prevents food from clogging
  • Audio recording up to 8 seconds and playback with built-in microphone and speaker
  • Manuel instant feeding options with "feed" button on the device
  • User-friendly ttec IQ mobile application, control over Wi-Fi and simultaneous use with multiple profiles
  • Uninterrupted feeding with notifications such as "The food is running low", "The food is clogged", etc.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly feeding history monitoring
  • Detachable food tank tank and bowl for easy cleaning
  • "Device is offline" notification and option to use with backup battery for uninterrupted supply in case of power outages
  • Maintaining the feeding schedule even during Wi-Fi interruptions with SmartMemory technology
  • Protection agains flipping with the non-slip bottom
  • 2 m extra-long and chew-resistant power cord
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*Recommended for pets up to 20 kg *Compatible with 2-10 mm dry pet food
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  • Dimensions

    19,6 x 35,5 x 28,9 cm

  • Weight

    2 Kg

  • Food Tank Capacity

    4 L

  • Food Type


  • Compatible Kibble Size

    2 -10 mm

  • Number of Portions

    1 - 12 Portions

  • Portion Weight

    10 g - 120 g

  • Automatic Meal Schedule


  • Feeding History


  • Manuel Feeding


  • "Feeding Successful" Notification


  • "Fooding is Running Low" Notification


  • "Food is Clogged" Notification


  • Food Bowl


  • Mobile Application

    ttec IQ

  • Max. User Access

    20 profiles

  • Power Input

    DC 5V 1A

  • Power Cord

    2 M, Chew-Resistant

  • Compatible Backup Battery

    3xD (LR20)

  • Wireless Connection

    2.4G Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth


  • Storage Temperature

    -10°C - 70°C

  • Storage Humidity

    5% - 75% Non-Condensing

  • Operating Temperature

    0°C - +55°C

  • Compatible With

    Android 5, İOS 9.0 and Later Versions

  • Adapter Input - Output

    USB-A - DC Power Cord